Feldenkrais Sessions®

The Feldenkrais Method®: Slow, repetitive movements done primarily lying on your back will heighten your awareness of your body, restore full range of motion, and improve breathing and posture.

Individual Feldenkrais® sessions are referred to as Functional Integration® sessions. In Functional Integration®, as the student lies on a low table, fully clothed, the teacher´s hands gently guide the client into a new way of moving and using her or his body. The often subtle movements feed information directly into the nervous system. Each lesson in this format is private and adapted to the student´s specific needs. Functional Integration® has proven useful to people in chronic pain; including lower back, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, and diseases involving the central nervous system. It is especially useful for those with difficulty participating in classes or who desire the most rapid improvement.

Individual sessions are based on an hourly fee.

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