Class Descriptions

Yoga I

Body & Soul of Kansas City studio at 649 East 59th Street in Kansas City, MOCan’t touch your toes? Afraid you may fall over? This class is for you. This class is also for those physically fit looking to soothe the mind, revitalize the body and energize the spirit! Lean the basic yoga postures and breathing techniques here. [ more info ]

Yoga II

You’re not quite doing handstands, but you got downward dog down! In addition to learning more advanced poses, continue to develop strength, mobility and balance in this class.

Yoga III

You ready to give that handstand a try? Good, because here it comes! Join this small supportive group of Body & Soul vets with this strength focused and almost aerobic work out.

Body Intelligence - Awareness Through Movement®

Slow, repetitive movements done primarily lying down. These classes will heighten your awareness of your body, restore full range of motion, and improve breathing and posture. [ more info ]

Fitness Fusion

This class combines Pilates, Barre method, low impact cardio and more for a complete and challenging workout. We have some fun in this class! [ more info ]


Take off your shoes and move your body in this class! It’s a nonimpact cardio workout with easy-to-follow routines done to fun and inspiring music! Come get your groove on! [ more info ]