Move Like a Kid Again with Feldenkrais

While sorting through boxes of forgotten stuff in the attic I found a book that I must have purchased in the 8o’s. Perhaps it was a gift or a give away, I don’t remember but I know I’ve seen that cover through several moves. I've never read the book and I've never tossed it. So, this time I decided to read it and decide if I am ready to part with it.

Choose Rest Over Stress: Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is about slowing down and creating comfort.
A Restorative yoga class involves taking a “handful” of yoga poses and staying in each for an extended period of time.This allows you, the student,to more fully experience the intention of the “asana”. You have time to identify how and where you are holding tension and consciously release it. Key places to check for tension and holding are in your lower back, your abdomen, and in your neck and jaw muscles.

108 Yoga Sun Salutations: A Winter Solstice/New Year’s Celebration

Imagine the year 1000 A.D., the longest night of the year. War, famine, drought abound. Oops, I forgot plague. The Vikings are threatening Europe. The Crusades are soon to come. People are tired of cold and dark Winter. They come together around a massive bonfire to celebrate the return of the light, the changing of the seasons, and the cycles of life.


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